Worship Service - Sundays at 10 AM
Sunday School Classes - 9AM (For All Ages)
Worship Service - Sundays at 10 AM
Sunday School Classes - 9AM (For All Ages)
Worship Service - Sundays at 10 AM
Sunday School Classes - 9AM (For All Ages)
Church View

Who is Zion-Lippe?

Zion-Lippe has a rich history that is over 160 years old. We can trace our heritage back to our "Sister" church in Exter, Germany. We are a Church that consists of a blended family of backgrounds, Baptist, Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist, etc. and we join together each week to worship God and to spread His word and love to all.


We Are Christian

We perceive in Jesus the divine qualities of peace, love, and justice. "Christian" means we strive to explore the Bible for its spiritual guidance and positive influence in our lives.

Orange Circle
Tan Circle

We are Open Minded

We understand faith as a journey, not something that is absolutely certain. It means we enter openly and freely into different points of view with the expectation of growing and learning.

We are Evolving

Rather than resisting change or innovation, we look forward to experimenting with new ways of being faithful and new understandings. We strive to be rooted in our history, but not stuck in a particular place or time.

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Church Tour

Zion Lippe Church from Ford Road
Walking in the glass double doors into the foyer
From the side entrance to the Sanctuary to the foyer area
Upstairs Sunday School Hall. Entrance End
Upstairs Sunday School Hall from stage end
Downstairs Sunday School Hall from stairs
Downstairs Sunday School Hall from Kitchen View
Sanctuary view from front doors
The view from the balcony
View from the front of the Sanctuary
The view from the Pulpit
Zion Education Center/Parsonage
Quilter's Room
One of the Sunday School Rooms
Parish Nurse Room
View of the downstairs area. Holds one of the Sunday School Classes
View of the other half of the downstairs area
Family Center
Game Area in the Family Center
Playground area
Shelter house

Church Council

President - Bob Junker
Vice-President - Stacy Wagner
Secretary - Andrea Singer
Treasurer - Patrick Schroeder
Membership - Stacey Wagner
Education - Lauren Kern
Property - Russel Roehr
Worship - Rosie Bogard
Stewardship - Adam Kendall
Recreation - Carl Barchet



Handicap Accessible

There is a parking lot in back of the church for Handicap Accessiblity. Elevator in Foyer and Hearing Implements available for Worship Service.