Haiti Mission Focus

The goal for our mission trips to Haiti is to focus on short-term and long-term needs and solutions.


Helping Haiti Help Themselves

Our goal is to help Haiti start to end the cycle of poverty. Through many prayer and acts of servant leadership a pay-it-forward yam farming program that gave about 25 families from St. Albert the Great Parish starter plants to grow. After about 9 months, they use the mature yam plants as food for their families, sell them at the market for income, and give a portion of the harvest to new families as starter plants. The program is designed to grow each year without additional financial investment. The farmers created a co-operative organization and inspect each other’s progress and monitored their sharing.


School Food Program

We participate and sponsor a program to help feed the 925 students at Notre Dame de Grace and St. Cyprian schools. The cost to feed one child is about $5 per month. This provides each student with one meal per day of rice and beans. Our goal is to achieve annual contributions for the total parish of $10,000. This level of contribution would feed 200 students per year or about 22% of the total need with St. Francis Xavier covering the rest. The hunger of the students in Haiti cannot be described with words as they sometimes eat mud to stop the pains. The comfort of daily nutrition helps them focus on their school activities.


We are partnering with St. Francis Xavier by providing funds to improve education in Ravine Trompette.